Kika + Sabine

kika vliegenthart was raised in the netherlands by two art historians who loved nothing more than traveling the world with both their kids. after studying economics, art and then film, kika made documentary films about underground cultures around the world. during her years in new york studying film at the new school, she walked into the workshop of barbara shaum, a legendary cobbler and bag maker in the lower east side who worked with big names like donna karen, ralph lauren and calvin klein. a devoted student-teacher relationship started that lasted for the next fifteen years. 

sabine began her career as a hairstylist in a studio in amsterdam, which became known for its immense impact on the international fashion world. she shifted to studying philosophy and multimedia engineering at the university of amsterdam and went on to work as an interactive designer and film editor.

sabine and kika met in 2009 and together they moved to new york where kikany leather design was born.