The Rope sandal

The Rope sandal


We are very excited to introduce the Rope sandal. 

A collaboration with IMA:ZINE osk/jpn. 

The idea came from both sides of the ocean and after 3 months of experimenting in our studio in Brooklyn, the Rope sandal did its first steps. 

The rope we use is hand braided, and is the secret behind the functionality and comfort of the sandal. Like all our sandals they have hand made arches and are hand cobbled. To be honest, the elegance and simple lines of this design surpassed our expectations. We can not wait to work with IMA:ZINE again!

The Sandals can be made in men's and women's sizes and are made to order. Lead time is 10-14 days.

They are custom made based on your foot tracing and your shoe size.

Have a look at how to trace your feet to have them custom made to your feet.  

Important: without tracing we can not make your order.

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