If you would like to order a pair of sandals, we need a tracing of your right and left foot on a piece of card board. Please a have a look at 'how to make a tracing' below to obtain the best possible fitting sandal.

Afterwards please send your tracing, with your shoe size  and instep measurement on it:

Kika NY
316 Jefferson ave, #2
Brooklyn NY 11216

how to make a tracing

Step 1

Have somebody trace your feet by standing with each foot on a separate piece of paper.

The paper should be big enough to have space around each foot when you stand on it.

Step 2

To get an accurate tracing, your partner needs to kneel down in front of you to mark the front part of your foot, and then must come around and kneel behind you to trace your heel side. Really Important : Put mark between big toe and second toe.

Step 3

Step 4

The pen should be held straight at a 90 degree angle to the paper and, should just touch the skin lightly.
Measure your instep from inside to the outside of your foot. Measure from floor to floor.

Step 5

Please make sure the dot between your big and second toe is on both tracings. Without it we can not make your sandals. Please send your tracings with name & shoe size & instep measurement to”

Kika NY
431 Classon Avenue, apt 4a
Brooklyn NY 11238